Creative Partners

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5315 N Clark St.
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About Us

Creative Partners is a newly established formal partnership of Blair Thomas & Company, eighth blackbird Performing Arts Association, and Lucky Plush Productions. This partnership is aimed at strengthening and increasing financial resources for all three organizations to more effectively foster long term artistic growth and innovation, while broadening, diversifying and deepening audiences.

While there have been collaborative efforts to share space, back office functions, ticketing, and marketing, this is the first multi-disciplinary partnership in Chicago focused on achieving long range strategic development. This collaboration commences at a critical time for all three companies, a time in which increasing recognition of their artistry leads to greater opportunity, but limited administrative capacity and financial resources inhibit capitalizing on such opportunity. As a result of this initiative, it is expected that each company will be better positioned to meet the financial challenges of artistic growth and ensure long term sustainability in an uncertain and increasingly competitive environment.