National Medal of Honor Museum Foundation

  • South Carolina


28 Bridgeside Boulevard
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Mount Pleasant
South Carolina
United States

About Us

The Medal of Honor is our nation’s most prestigious and most respected military award. Presented to roughly 3,500 recipients since its establishment during the Civil War, the medal symbolizes the nation-defining, timeless and uniquely American ideals of courage, patriotism, sacrifice-for-others, and integrity.

The stories of Medal of Honor recipients, demonstrating bravery in combat, far above and beyond the call of duty, serve as powerful points of pride to every American – today and those not yet born. We have a collective responsibility to ensure these legacies have a permanent home on the national landscape. The National Medal of Honor Museum, to be located on the banks of Charleston Harbor in South Carolina, will be that home.

The mission of the National Medal of Honor Museum is to preserve the stories of our Medal of Honor recipients and to harness their power to inspire future generations. The future leaders of our country will experience these stories and choose to be brave in their own civilian lives: in school, in their careers, with their families and in society-at-large.

We aim to inspire Americans from every walk of life to unite around what it means to be patriotic. And through the museum experience, we encourage everyone to find the hero within themselves when we inevitably and so often are faced with making the courageous choice despite personal cost.

We will create this museum in partnership with the Medal of Honor recipients – the proud members of our armed forces who had to make the tough choice and risk everything to sacrifice themselves for others and for the American values and ideals that we share. The recipients support this mission not because they believe in creating a tribute to themselves, rather, they understand that their stories can positively affect generations of Americans.