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About Us

Hands and Minds (HAM) Cameroon is an initiative for youth organization registered with the government of Cameroon which equips young people with knowledge and skills (entrepreneurial) that enable them to inspire and empower themselves and get them directly involved in improving their communities’ livelihoods through job creation. Through our work we want to bring hands and minds of young people together to develop a network of conscious-minded and self-reliant youth who are committed to bring about positive change in their community through capacity building and job creation. We work hard to ensure that Hands and Minds reaches as many young people who do not have the necessary resources to start their own businesses, and who would not be eligible for financial support. We inspire them to become active agents of change in fighting poverty and unemployment through capacity building through seminars, workshops and conferences so that they are empowered to then create employment for themselves through access to capital for business start ups and the survival of dying ones. With all these we are committed to improve on the socio-economic livelihood of communities through capacity development of young people and job creation. Our Believe:It is commonly said that the youths are the leaders of tomorrow and not just that, young people have an overview of the critical development issues facing them and their communities; and are empowered with knowledge and skills needed for them to develop projects that can improve the social and economic well-being and health of the poor and underprivileged in the society if and only if they are developed and provided with start up capital to run businesses of their own. Mission: Improve on the socio-economic livelihood of communities through capacity development of young people and job creation. Objectives: We are committed to: 1. Fight against unemployment especially among youths 2. Fight against computer illiteracy especially in rural areas 3. Increase the number of young entrepreneurs able to start their own businesses 4. Create a resource for the availability of funds for start up businesses and for the public (financial services)