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About Us

The Campaign for Fiscal Equity, Inc. (CFE), a non-profit organization, works to ensure that New York’s public school children are provided with their constitutional right to the opportunity for a sound basic education. This entails ensuring that our public schools have the resources they need to provide the court-mandated opportunity.

From 1993 to 2006, CFE led the landmark litigation CFE v. State of New York which established public school students’ right to the opportunity for a sound basic education - defined by the courts as a meaningful high school education - and the state’s responsibility for providing the funding to make the right a reality.

In 2007, CFE and allied organizations secured historic legislative reforms that are providing an unprecedented infusion of funding for our schools - distributed based on student need - and tied to accountability, transparency and public participation measures. The passage of the Education Budget and Reform Act of 2007-08 was a great victory but, CFE’s work is far from done.

CFE’s management of the trial, its related task forces and subsequent reports established the organization as a reliable source for informing education finance and policy discussions. Drawing on strong relationships with policy experts in academia, research and advocacy organizations, CFE’s policy research and analyses continue to yield in-depth, fact-based – and actionable - reports to stimulate discussion and inform decision-making on critical policy questions including those raised by the addition of new operating and capital resources and accountability measures.