Yo Voy a Ti Uganda

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About Us

Foundation Yo Voy a Ti has its roots in Bolivia where it was founded in 2008. The organization has now expanded to Uganda. Yo Voy A Ti Uganda's mission is, "to be recognized worldwide as a foundation that supports populations of children, youths and adults living in poverty"

Currently Yo Voy a Ti Uganda is basically working with populations living in urban poverty around numerous slums of Kampala. The organization is implementing a holistic approach to tackle the socio-economic challenges associated with slum dwellers.

We currently work with the three projects, that is;

1. The Entrepreneurship project that is aimed at empowering young people with skills to create their personal income generating projects

2. The Micro-credit project focuses on facilitating communities with financial resources to start-up or run their income generating activities.

3. The Sports project is basically for young children and is intended to use the principles of sportsmanship to drive behavioral change, mentor children build team work, develop skills and talents.

With time, we are going to work on these projects to mainly direct social-wellbeing;

1. The mobile clinic project where we shall reach communities with basic health education and training.

2. The mobile school project will be aimed at facilitating children's education and the organization will basically support these children in education activities such as homework, scholastic materials e.t.c.