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Keep Up the Faith Don’t Give Up the Hope Five Fold Internationally Ministry is a nonprofit church to be located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Founded in 2003, the organization has been established as a spiritual hub for Christians in Louisiana. Primarily web-based since its founding, as its congregation has expanded the organization has deemed it necessary to establish a permanent facility to offer spiritual and social services to the community. Keep Up the Faith Don’t Give Up the Hope Five Fold Internationally Ministry provides encouragement and support to all those whom we minister to. The organization’s mission is to help the people of God to grow spiritually and to bring those that do not believe to accept Him as their Lord and Savior. The church aspires to provide family-oriented services to all members of the congregation. Supporting the development of self-confidence, spiritual knowledge, and educational ability, the organization’s programs seek to alleviate the burdens carried by members of today’s society. In addition to church services, programs will include a drug addiction outreach, youth programs, homeless shelter, and food and clothing distribution. Keep Up the Faith Don’t Give Up the Hope Five Fold Internationally Ministry’s congregation includes 20 current members, and is growing steadily. With the dream of building a religious complex at which to offer a variety of services, the organization now plans to acquire a building in the Baton Rouge area. All church projects are overseen by a well-experienced staff. These individuals have also demonstrated excellent community leadership and provide the necessary skills for governing the church and administering its upcoming capital building project.


The primary goal of Keep up the Faith don’t Give up the Hope Five Fold Internationally Ministry is to provide all the resources necessary to meet the spiritual, social, and familial requisites of the disaster stricken Louisiana community. Without appropriate facilities, members may be forced to seek out other churches or secular facilities to meet their demands. The organization’s goals include obtaining a building to establish a permanent place of worship, a drug addiction outreach, youth center, and homeless shelter. The project being proposed will help meet the organization’s goals. The following objectives are specific to the proposed capital building project.

Outcome Objectives: Expand membership by 200 percent. Provide shelter facilities for 50 homeless persons in Baton Rouge. Provide community services to the Baton Rouge, Louisiana, area. Increase the organization’s capital by $1,000,000.

Process Objectives: To purchase a building by fiscal year end. To begin renovation of all facilities, implementing in-kind donations.


To accomplish the objectives stated in the previous section, Keep Up the Faith Don’t Give Up the Hope Five Fold Internationally Ministry will employ the following methods. After much consideration it was decided that following this course of action would lead to the most success for the Church. During the fiscal year 2008, the organization aspires to purchase a building at which to establish a religious complex in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana, area. It has been estimated that the proposed building site should be at least 3 to 5 acres in size, in order to facilitate the construction of a complex that will hold a minimum of 500 persons occupancy. If a location is secured, renovation would ensue in the following fiscal year. Construction costs will be funded by member offerings and foundation funding. With the population explosion that is occurring in the Baton Rouge area, and the current deficiency in faith-based social service facilities, the purchase and renovation of our own church complex is not only financially attainable, but also is in the best interest of the community. The proposed capital-building project will ensure the future sustainability of the Church. When a permanent facility is constructed, the Church will provide worship services to a Christian audience in the area. We anticipate a minimum of triple membership growth. With the new facility, the Church plans to provide the most needed community services, which include: Youth Programs Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Outreach Religious education Food and Clothing Distribution Homeless Shelter/Soup Kitchen Prison Ministries Tv Ministry Elder/Women/Men Ministry Evangelism RADIO MINISTRY

These community services will help to create a healthier society around the Church. All programs that the Church provides will teach the Biblical values, and will encourage individuals to become capable and responsive members of society. These individuals will be taught that they should become leaders in the next generation, and will focus on strengthening Christian character in participating clients. The new facility will also be available to the community at large for use in town-hall meetings, weddings, memorial services, and community events. All programs offered by the Church will be staffed by qualified individuals, who have expertise in their particular service area. The Pastor will oversee all staff and client interaction, while continuously employing his years of training and experience in ministry and rehabilitation. Overall, Keep Up the Faith Don’t Give Up the Hope Five Fold Internationally Ministry aspires to improve the lives of Christians in Louisiana, and around the world. The organization will operate on the calendar year. A detailed plan for evaluation will be implemented in order to assess the ongoing progress of the capital project. Members of the capital committee will provide monthly appraisals of all renovation activities. Items reviewed will include, at minimum, material purchases, renovation schedule, and cost-effectiveness. Upon completion of the capital project, quarterly evaluations will continue to assess the progress toward achieving the Keep Up the Faith Don’t Give Up the Hope Five Fold Internationally Ministry’s further objectives. Data collection will be an ongoing process, and will be conducted first by members of the project manager and in the future by members of service-specific committees. Site visits, interviews, and additional follow-up activities will be conducted to ensure that the members are receiving all necessary services. Each funder of the project will receive quarterly reports during the first year of the project, as will board members, program participants, and other interested individuals. Evaluations conducted during subsequent fiscal years will also be made available to constituents. If we are able to obtain a building for the capital project during the first year, we will consider that phase to be successful. In the longer term, Keep Up the Faith Don’t Give Up the Hope Five Fold Internationally Ministry defines success as a noticeable decrease in the unsheltered homeless population, reduction in the area’s unemployment rate, and increased participation in the organization’s family-focused programs.


Keep Up the Faith Don’t Give Up the Hope Five Fold Internationally Ministry has a strong history of obtaining donations from members of its congregation. The capital building project is expected to have the support of all members. The organization is confident in its ability to then receive ongoing funding for its programs. In-kind donations will provide an additional source of revenue for the construction project, as well as for many outreach services. In addition to these monies, the Development Director will increase the amount of unrestricted funds for Keep Up the Faith Don’t Give Up the Hope Five Fold Internationally Ministry through direct requests and fundraising events. In upcoming years the organization will strive to obtain continuation grants from both foundations and corporate sponsors. We plan to continue funding our organization in this manner as long as it is necessary.