wanga community development network


st peter sh RD church avenue
Nairobi (MUMIAS)


About Us

WACNET mission is to promote the well being of the community in regard to women ,youth and children by facilitating programs in environment, health and economic empowerment, through the use of holistic approach embracing physical, social and psychological dimensions in realization of goals and objectives. OUR VALUES WE believe in community based progrms that are holistic;intergrated and impact driven. WE believe in partnership and recognize the potentials of other actors in social development and its will to work with them in the spirit of collaboration. WE value the potential of every individual whether male or female to perfom roles according to their abilities. OUR work is guided by love,simplicity,tolerance,unity responsibilty and respect. WE believe in transparency, accountabilty,proper managment and prudent utilization of resources.

WE work with women and youth selfhelp groups in western kenya,Butere Mumias District,EAST AFRICA