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About Us

Vision Witness a just society for the underprivileged, specially for women and children


“Empower, create an enabling environment and capacitate for the liberation and development of marginalized people like women, children, low caste and other rural poor. Encourage maximum people’s participation so that they have better control over their life and enjoy the benefits of combined strength and spirit”.

CECOWOR Programs focus:

• Promotion of literacy, basic education and General knowledge. • Child rights promotion and Prevention of child abuse in any form. • Develop life skills, livelihood opportunities and self help self reliance. • Strengthening civil society, capacity building and advocacy for participative democracy, good governance, human rights promotions and poverty alleviation • Work for quality of life among Dalits, tribals and other marginalized groups like Gypsies, Washer men, Bamboo basket weavers, Potters, quarry workers, migrant workers etc. with special focus on women and children. • Capacity building of target groups on ICT and motivation for maximum utilization of ICT for the human rights promotion and poverty alleviation. • Cross cutting issues are Gender equality, cultural understanding, environmental protection, Sustainable changes.