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About Us

The Institute for Global Environmental Strategies is a trusted leader in Earth and space science education, communication and outreach, and in fostering national and international cooperation in global Earth observations. These efforts--designed to improve understanding of and response to natural and human-induced changes in the Earth system--require multidisciplinary approaches to complex and critical social, environmental and economic challenges.

IGES not only develops and implements activities and programs for students, teachers, and the broad Earth and space science education community, but also works with leaders from government, the private sector, academia, and with decision-makers throughout the world to promote the importance and benefits of Earth observations.

The Institute's diverse group of clients and partners includes educational and environmental organizations, colleges and universities, research institutes, government agencies, and companies from various business sectors.Located near Washington, D.C.,

IGES was established August 5, 1994, and is a 501c3 nonprofit organization supported by public and private entities.