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Reward Foundation Ghana (RFG) is a non-profit organization established in the year 2014. The foundation is recognized with the registration number CG124962014 by the Registrar General Department and C000407761x as its Tax Identification Number by the Ghana Revenue Authority. The brain behind the formation of the foundation was necessitated by the insufficient allocation of national resources in the country and also the economic hardship that confronts parents, guidance and families. The foundation aims at being an aide for youth by facilitating various formal and informal programs which will make the world a better place for them and as far as education is concerned.



To be the primary support for youth with developmental programs leading to a better world




To facilitate various educational projects in support of youth




To offer educational support from grassroots level, kindergarten, primary, JHS and SHS to improve learning and educational system in Ghana through:


Ø  Strengthen dialogue between international NGOs and Reward Foundation Ghana to work together on issues of common interest.


Ø  To advocate on principles and goals that practicing a musical instrument in schools will enhanced verbal ability and nonverbal reasoning.


Ø  To support youth and physical challenged through skills training programs such as weaving projects, leather works, musical Instruments training and vocational school etc.


Ø  To offer community health education to the general populace irrespective of cultural, education, religious or racial background.








An award for school grades program is designed to recognize students who raise their grades to the national school’s curriculum level, and maintained or continue raising them from one grading period to the other in remote villages, cities and towns. An award for grades programs is to encourage student to compete among themselves to enhance and encourage their academic achievements.

The award program is designed to honor the Best Student within the academic calendar. A super Award is also honor as part of the awards programs called Patriotic Award, for schools in remote village only. Each award recipient will receive personal certificate and educational materials. The Recipients will be photographed separately and as a group. Photos are placed on the foundation website, donors website (unless they prefer otherwise) school bulletin board and the sponsor’s website (if any), and used for news release to local and international media. We will also write congratulatory letters to the parents of the awardees. Video and audio interviews will be recorded from parents of awardees including schools authorities and teachers. Any schools ranging from kindergarten to Senior High Schools in Ghana and organizations or companies interested in partnership should contact us for programs partnership.



We have been inspired by visiting so many schools, community leaders and talking to children about the exciting opportunities available to children in music education and the result was gargantuan. We have also taken on board ideas and advice from music specialists, music advisors around the country and we believe that practicing musical instruments at childhood is associated with enhancing verbal ability and non-verbal reasoning.

We are dedicated to restoring music education in Ghana’s public school, communities, remote villages and also raising awareness about the importance of music as part of each child’s complete education. Our strategic partnerships will be the schools, international music organizations, local groups and district authorities across the country.

Our Primary Activities includes: Musical instrument training for schools, communities and villages on Violin, Viola, Cello, Guitar, Drum kits, organ, Bass guitars, Acoustic guitars, Microphones, Keyboards, Electric guitars, Trumpets, Saxophones, Trombones, Flutes, Clarinets, Snare Drums, French Horns, Tubas. The purpose of this program is to enhance student’s to understand the musical instruments and the passion for music art and as well as strengthen self-confidence. Other program outlines include: group camping; musical instruments exchange programs, volunteerism, mentoring and door to door training.




 The Language Studies Program (LSP) is developing culturally informed and linguistically competent global citizens. In order to do so, the foundation is committing efforts to support and improve learning and teaching of languages, literature, and cultures around the country.

The foundation will equip the children and the youth with support from the volunteers. It will be supported by the creation of flexible learning environments that enhance learning through social interaction and the integration of relevant technologies. They will also be equipped with research skills on languages and cultures of other countries’

The foundation will provide students with the specific resources and services that will improve the quality of language and cultural learning through online and class room learning. It will also promote awareness of the study of languages, literature and cultures.



 Our Priority Areas of Leaning and teachings are:

  1. Ghanaian Languages / cultural
  2. French Language/ cultural
  3. English Language / cultural
  4. Spanish Language / cultural
  5. Russia Language / cultural
  6. German Language / cultural

We provide opportunity for participants to travel abroad to gain firsthand knowledge of native languages and culture Programs involving home stay with local families.



The Skills Training will be leading the way in delivery of community services and vocational training skills across the communities. We will offer the youth the highest quality training and assessment services across a number of programs, including the following:



It is well known in Ghana that maintenance is not part of our culture and that has coursed a lot of problems such as collapsing of individual’s homes, public schools, state owned properties and community buildings.

Ironically, when family member dies, no matter the circumstance, the head of the family will look for funding to renovate the family home before the burial ceremony, the building will see another renovation unless another one is gone. Reward Foundation will like to step in and educate the communities about impotence of maintenance and establish community volunteers groups in order to take responsibilities in their own communities. We like to cure that myth and educate the community about the importance of maintenance.



The program is vision to make Ghana the heart of leather art such as shoes, bag, belt and leather art design and making. We will offer great opportunities to the youth in the Leather Art work. The programs intended to provide youth with a comprehensive view of the leather Art industry and the essential elements for success. Leather Art Program offers an opportunity for youth to express both creative and technical skills while acquiring a working understanding of how to design, produce, merchandise, and market leather products.

Reward Foundation will have superior contacts in the Industries of Leather Art that and translate into real career opportunities for the youth. The foundation will have industry professionals who will teach the creative, technical and business aspects of Leather Art. The youth will visit factories, manufacturers, designer office and showrooms to learn about the processes of shoes and bag making firsthand from concept to production and marketing.




 Leather is an adaptable and durable material used extensively in the fashion industry today.  With so many functional and decorative properties it is used to produce garments, footwear and handbags as well as luxury leather goods.
For example, discuss leather sourcing, terminology and the impact of technology on finishing techniques along with new trends in leather and also examine why leather varies so much in quality and price by looking at grades of leather and studying samples to gain an understanding of the different skins and hides.

We will organize course that will look and selecting appropriate leathers for the product and examine the diversity of leather from stretch to exotic grains.



 We will organize course that’ll get valuable hands-on experience, make patterns and do prep work for making small leather goods and belts. It’s a chance to teach traditional leather craft techniques to make our people creative and personalize their own works.

We will organizing series of tasks to teach the youth different techniques, construction methods and application of fastenings including knots, buckles, buttons and toggles, fringes, plaiting, strap cutting, traditional and creative seams (machine and hand sewn). Practical projects will include simple bags/purses, mobile/iPod cases, pencil cases, belts and belt purses, table mats or coasters, purse, mobile/camera cover etc.



R.F.G will assist youth to develop weaving skills by training a new generation of weavers especially the physical challenged youth in Ghana, our aim is to give young Ghanaians the necessary skills and opportunity to a more secure future by teaching them an income-generating skill for traditional, modern designs and styles ranging in sizes for both traditional and modern. Our focus is providing women and people who are physically challenged the opportunity to socialize and actively participate in development of Ghana economy.

Contact details:


P O Box 19431 Accra-North

Phone: (+233) 242030696/246369676


Office Location: Obaakrowaa Road Adjacent Kwasi Gyane chemical Shop Accra new-town

Reward Foundation Ghana (RFG) is a non-profit organization established in the year 2014. The foundation is recognized with the registration number CG124962014 by the Registrar General Department and C000407761x as its Tax…

Issue Areas Include

  • Children & Youth
  • Community Development
  • Education
  • Volunteering
  • Women


  • Accra New-Town. Ayawasu Central Obaakrowa Road, Accra, AA +233, Ghana
    Building No C181/10.

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