Children Of Kagadi Village Charity Organization

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About Us

After through research and consultation from many inhabitants of Kagadi village

dwellers and its outcasts, we found that many children are suffering due to some of

the following reasons stated below

1. Loss of parents due to aids/ wars/ accidents.

2. Lack of school fees to take them to school.

3. Deliberate denial by some parents to be responsible for their children.

4. Torture or hash treatment from step parents.

5. Alcoholism

6. Luck of proper guidance from calcified counselors all and other not mentioned

reasons been found to suppress the lives and well beings of these children.

Over 2,000 OVC, widows, widowers and the Elderly are suffering because of the

above and more other reasons and Children Of Kagadi Village Charity

Organization has come up as a solution to reduce the cause.