Fondation CHIBAS-Haiti

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About Us

CHIBAS (a research center on bio-energy and sustainable agriculture, is a not-for-profit organization based in Haiti. It is an institute founded with the goal of establishing a Regional Bio-fuels Technical & Knowledge Center (CHIBAS) that will contribute to developing and acquiring the technologies needed for the development of the bio-fuel sector in Haiti. (1) CHIBAS will be improving, releasing and promoting the use of improved sweet sorghum and Jatropha varieties as multipurpose crops (food/feed and energy) for the sub-humid and drought prone regions of Haiti; (2) CHIBAS is to be a technical center to serve the farmers and the agribusiness sector in getting access to the best and most adequate technology and the best agricultural practices; (3) CHIBAS realizes feasibility studies to establish plans for the formulation of project designs (or projects) and investment strategies (including a complete sustainable and profitable value market chain assessment) maximizing incomes for the farmers and the local communities.