ASROFIL - Asociación Benéfico Cultural para la Promoción de Filipinas en España

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About Us

ASPROFIL - Asociación Benéfico Cultural para la Promoción de Filipinas (Cultural and Charitable Association for Philippine Promotion) is a Spanish - Filipino non-profit association legally registered at the National Association Registry Office in Madrid, Spain and approved by the Ministry of Justice and Interior in 1996. Its aims are to promote the Filipino values, tourism, trade and culture of the Philippines in Spain. To protect the rights of filipino children and their families and abandoned old people helping in the development of the country. Some of our activities include:

  • Cultural events such as concerts, fashion shows, folk dances shows or exhibitions of native products;
  • Humanitarian aid in natural disasters supporting the victims of Typhoon Frank in 2008 (Iloilo) or Typhoon Ondoy in Antipolo, Metro Manila.
  • Children protection, working with the Tahanan Paghubog Mother Bonifacia Center in Quezon City, Manila.

Our most important project is the Centro ASPROFIL - Educational and Social Center in Barangay San Luis, Antipolo City, Metro Manila. Through this project, ASPROFIL wants to help the 2.800 needy families and more than 1.200 kids from Barangay San Luis giving them the chance to train and learn some skills and abilities to find a job.

Feria de Verano de Oton is ASPROFIL's trade and tourism expo project. With this exposition, small local producers have the opportunity to display their products, promote rural tourism, handicraft, culture and cuisine. The Feria de Verano also promotes the town of Oton and its historical value: