Bank Board Small Savers Child Development Center

  • DC


1800 F. Street, NW

United States

About Us

The Center's goals are to provide children with:

  • Empathetic, sensitive awareness of their individual needs for reassurance, comforting, and nurturing;
  • Meaningful, educational experiences, allowing ample time for observing, listening, and questioning;
  • Enriching sensory and motor experiences;
  • Assistance in developing large and small motor skills and hand-eye coordination;
  • Encouragement to utilize intellectual and creative abilities; and
  • Most importantly, a safe environment in all aspects of learning, play, and rest.

Families are the heart of the Small Savers community. While the children are clearly the focus of our operations, the Center also needs strong parental involvement to carry out its mission. Parents elect volunteers from among themselves to serve on the all-parent Board of Directors; they volunteer to serve on committees that assist the Board in the management of the Center; they offer to serve as room parents, helping to coordinate parental involvement in individual classrooms; and they use their special talents, skills, and interests to help the Center in a variety of other areas. In this way, parents and staff work together to build on the strong foundation begun by the founding parents and the Federal Home Loan Bank Board.