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About Us

The Eureka Institute's

purpose is to awaken and develop consciousness, creativity, and leadership by providing innovative educational, spiritual, and recreational experiences for all ages. Artistic Expression, Spiritual Renewal, Outdoor Recreation, and Environmental Awareness ALL act as guides as we create programs and events. Programs are specifically designed to promote community involvement by providing opportunities to nurture and foster the over-all well being of each individual while exploring synergistic group interactions.

The Eureka Institute aims to enhance the lives of Bonner County residents and people living in the Inland Northwest through our community events, retreats and specialized programs. These experiences support our mission to develop the creative potential, personal and environmental awareness, and leadership skills of our participants in an effort to encourage meaningful contribution of the individuals and organizations within their communities.

The Eureka Institute is a non-profit organization which aims to enhance the lives of our local community and its many welcome visitors by promoting consciousness, creativity, and leadership through incredibly diverse programming. Surrounded by abundant natural beauty, in the panhandle of north Idaho, we are inspired to cultivate all aspects of healthy living. We offer events and activities ranging from kayaking and mountain biking to art workshops and yoga retreats. There are music festivals and summer camps, as well as cooking series and gardening workshops. We celebrate the unique interests of the adventurous, as well as the introspective, by encouraging the growth of the individual and supporting interactive and collaborative group experiences. We aim to create programs that are entertaining and educational, while incorporating respect for our environment. We create experiences that come alive through the enjoyment and participation of people like you.

The Eureka Institute......Explore, Expand, Enjoy!