H.E.L.P. for Youth, Inc.

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About Us

Our mission is to utilize the performing arts as a means to achieve the goal of youth excelling in academics. Additionally, we are determined to provide an environment for youth to excel in various performing arts disciplines. We are positioned to fulfill this need through our innovative programming.

Our premier program, Body Talk!, is an interactive health and science school assembly designed for grades 3-6. This program provides students with a fun alternative to classroom learning, promotes teamwork and demonstrates the importance of taking care of their bodies. Body Talk! illustrates how science is used in their everyday lives.

The J.U.I.C.E!(Just Understanding It Can Evolve), our second offering for elementary school students is currently in development and will be an Earth Science assembly for grades K-2 following the same format as Body Talk!

Our long term goal is to establish a H.E.L.P. for Youth, Inc. center to serve as the hub of our operation. The purpose of the center will allow us to create internships and volunteer opportunities for high school students and recent college graduates who express an interest in youth, education and the performing arts. We will expand our programming to include acting, creative writing, music appreciation and dance courses. We will tap on professionals in these fields to lend their expertise in ongoing workshops held at the center. Our educational assemblies will continue throughout the country simultaneously.

We believe performing arts broaden the minds and imaginations of young people. It allows self-expression, fosters teamwork, builds character and heightens self-esteem. We look forward to stimulating youth through our programs and partnering with individuals like yourself who share our vision and passion to help us expand for years to come.