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About Us

Music-to-Heal is a program at UCI Medical Center where we recruit musically talented high school students to put their ... skills to use and return a favor towards the community by playing music for cancer, surgery, and infusion patients at UCI Medical Center as well as playing for special events such as doctors' banquets, medical center exhibitions, etc. I have been part of this program for a year so far and I love it to the point where I would like to reach out bring the news to my fellow classmates at Woodbridge High School. This is a great opportunity to earn community service hours, set a base to earn a good chance for hospital volunteering and internship. Those who are looking to major in music therapy, medicine, surgery, or any medical related college major can find an excellent opportunity in this club!

For more information, please contact 96justin.park@gmail.com or the UCI Volunteer Coordinator Michelle Sinclair sinclaim@uci.edu (714) 456-6551