Asociación de turismo rural comunitario Cuyaquiwayi Vicos




About Us

A homestay to Vicos, a community close to Huaraz (1hour by public transport) is definitly a nice way to spend your time in theregion of Huaraz. Vicos is an authentic rural community,which gives visitors the opportunity to learn about its Andean culture, livingin harmony with its environment. Vicos has seven different guest houses whichare situated next to the house of your host family who will assist you duringall the activities. Possible activities are; helping the family with theirdaily activities like baking bread, harvesting honey, fishing or grazing withthe animals, helping the family on their farming lands, visiting localcraftsman, hiking through the fields while visiting the ruins of the Huari andRecuay while learning about medicinal plants, or hiking for a full day tohigh-altitude lakes and glaciers and enjoying the views with the CordilleraBlanca at the background.