Polish Humanitarian Organisation


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About Us

Polish Humanitarian Organisation (PHO) is a non-govermental, public benefit organisation maintained with voluntary contributions. PHO mission is to make the world a better place through diminishing of the human suffering and promotion of humanitarian values. Respect for the human dignity is the guiding principle in all of the PHO activities within Poland and internationally. In fulfilling its mission, PHO provides humanitarian assitance to the people in need regardless of their faith, nationality and race yet respecting cultural differences.

PHO helps communities in crises particularly in the areas affected by war, natural disasters or in poverty, to retake responsibility for their own future and become self-reliant.

PHO is currently running permanent missions in Sri Lanka (since January 2005), Iraq (since July 2003), Afghanistan ( since June 2002), and Chechnya (since April 2000).

PHO helped the people in Beslan after the terrorists' attack, and the victims of the earthquakes in Iran (2003), India (2001), and Afghanistan (1998).

PHO also provided humanitarian assistance after the flooding in Czech Republic(August/September,2002), Russia (April 2001, August 2002), Mozambique (February 2000), Hungary (April 2000), in Romania (April 2000), in Germany (August 2000), and Poland (1998).

In Poland, PHO has been providing meals for children in schools and day care rooms in the poorest regions of Poland (The Wooden Puppet Program). PHO also runs the The Refugee Counceling Center and the The Repatriates Assistance Programme. The PHO Humanitarian Education Programme encourages social activities among youth and is the only program of such a kind in Poland.

The headquarters of the Foundation is in Warsaw, Poland. The President and the co-founder of the Foundation is Ms. Janina Ochojska.