Riverview Cemetery Association

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2600 West Main
Jefferson City
United States

About Us

As society has become more technology-based, we've distanced ourselves from two of our most important resources: our history and our environment. Communities need roots, but it seems we've lost touch with them. We don't know our neighbors anymore. We can't remember any ancestors past our grandparents. There isn't much difference in the physical characteristics of various locations because of urban development. Who will preserve our history, our ancestry, our heritage? At Riverview Cemetery, we've proudly protected family legacies for over a century. Now, we'd like to invite the community to take a closer look and get to know the generations of the past a bit better.

We are hoping to expand the Association's role from just that of a cemetery to a hub for community educational activities. Our programming seeks to reconnect generations with those who came before with historical tours and assistance with genealogical research and grave studies workshops. We also look to increase the natural beauty of our land by diversifying the tree population and taking on the role of an arboretum, educating the community about natural resources and plant life.