GirlTrek Incorporated

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2437 15th Street, NW

United States

About Us

GirlTrek is a groundbreaking national nonprofit founded in 2012 on the idea that improving health outcomes for African-American women starts with a powerful new narrative about what it means to be Black and healthy.

GirlTrek’s 360 agenda is to improve the total health of the 50 largest African-American communities in America. For too long, the African American community – and African-American women in particular – have been left behind by the health and wellness movement, and as a result, score worse across most health indicators than any other subgroup in the U.S.  80% of African-American women are over a healthy body weight and 53% are morbidly obese.

To combat this epidemic, we are rallying an army of beautiful and healthy black women to take to the streets and fight for our health.  Today, GirlTrek is a national movement that has activated more than over 60,000 Black women and girls to move in the direction of their healthiest, most fulfilled lives by establishing a routine of walking.  This is not a single event. It’s a daily decision to make self-care a revolutionary act.

GirlTrek is not a fitness organization. We are any army of women who are “sick and tired of being sick and tired!” Our goal is to mobilize one million women to walk for total healing. We do all this to heal our bodies, inspire our girls and reclaim our streets, neighborhoods, and communities.  We trek to live.