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281 Summer St, 7th Floor
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About Us

HandsOn Tech Boston is an innovative program that is transforming how nonprofits use technology in the Boston area. Our focus is to increase the non-profit sector’s use of technology through capacity building, volunteer engagement, and technology trainings, with the ultimate goal of improving outcomes for local communities.

We offer two types of volunteer-driven pro bono services:

  • Nonprofit Tech Assessment and Capacity Building
    We work directly with nonprofits to create sustainable solutions - we want nonprofits to be able to focus on their mission rather than their broken server or how to share files!

We assess nonprofit's tech setup and collaborate with volunteers and the nonprofit to develop and implement a technology plan. It can be anything from a database upgrade to rolling out google apps for nonprofits to website development! Sign up at our website as a volunteer and we'll let you know when projects come up that match your skill set!

  • Nonprofit Technology Trainings
    Our technology trainings are free to any interested nonprofit. These trainings are often facilitated by the same people and companies that develop these products.
    Want to teach nonprofits about databases? Social media? Website management?
    Check out our website handsontechboston.org or contact us at info@handsontechboston.org.

HandsOn Tech Boston is hosted by Common Impact in Boston, MA. We are a partnership between Points of Light Foundation, AmeriCorps and Google.