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About Us

The Augustinian Volunteers are a post-grad, 10-month volunteer program centered around the Augustinian values of community, service and spirituality. Volunteers serve in social service placements (including nursing), elementary schools, and campus ministry.

The Augustinian Volunteers embody the spiritual values of the Order of St. Augustine. In the spirit of St. Augustine, who wrote often of his own restless heart, Augustinian Volunteers journey together on a path of self-discovery and personal growth while creating an intentional way of living with one another.

Relationship is a central value of the Augustinian Volunteers; volunteers are in relationship with the Augustinian friars, fellow volunteers, service site partners, program staff, and God. Three pillars, community, service, and spirituality form the foundation of the Augustinian Volunteers.

A primary function of the Augustinian Volunteers is to provide opportunities for young adults to be in service to others. Service is not just limited to the schools and social service sites with which the Augustinian Volunteers partner; volunteers are expected to be in service to one another in community life as well.

Spirituality is woven through all aspects of the Augustinian Volunteer experience. Through community prayer and retreats, it is hoped that volunteers can develop a rich interior prayer life and a deeper understanding of their relationship with God.

Intentional community life, an essential feature of Augustinian life, also plays a central role in the life of the Augustinian Volunteers. Volunteers are asked to prioritize community living before everything else, and to seek opportunities to grow in a community of love.

Our domestic placement sites are San Diego, California; Ventura, California; Lawrence, Massachusetts and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We also have one international site: Chulucanas, Peru.

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