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About Us

MCAS is a community center in the Medina of Rabat. We are a study center for local and foreign students. In our efforts to assist both the local community as well as foreign students, we seek out volunteering positions around the neighborhood and greater metropolitain area. This makes for a wholesome learning and immesrsive experience, classroom time plus active involvement with local citizens and issues.Its not required that our volunteers study with us, nor that our students volunteer; yet we always encourage our applicants to take up each as they are reinforcing for a wholesome cultural experience. The following areas are where we can put our volunteers.

Women's Empowerment This position involves local outreach programs and may include collaboration with local organizations such as Amnesty International both within and perhaps outside of Rabat. Must have working knowledge of either French or Arabic. If the volunteer travels outside of Rabat, accommodation will be secured by MCAS. Ideal length of stay: 1-5months

English Teacher Prime volunteering position requires fluency in English, and willingness to teach a class of no more than 15 students. no experience required, we will help with pre lesson planning and classroom management strategies. volunteers may also be working in the study center after school hours to assist on assignments and test preparation. ideal length of stay 1-3 months

Child Care

This position involves working a few hours a day at a local orphanage. Work involves assisting nurses with the orphans as well as playing / monitoring the orphans in the yard.

ideal length of stay: 1-3 months

Intern through MCAS

Rabat, a city of almost two million, unfortunately is not free from social strain and that is why MCAS runs various volunteer and intern programs for interested students/volunteers. Volunteering or interning through MCAS is an option one can undertake in addition to their studies. We aim to make possible the option of studying either Modern Standard Arabic or Darija while also allowing the time and opportunity to become more engaged in the local community through our district partners.

It is also possible to work with various NGOs (Non-governmental organizations) active in the area such as Amnesty International if the students wish some valuable experience in this field. The intern project differs from volunteering because it requires the student to reflect in writing on their experience in the context of the work: education, social services etc. and what they have learned during their time interning. Other options for interning include working at prestigious local NGOs so if you have a specific field of interest, let us know and we will work to find the perfect place for you. Options and dates for volunteering and interning are dependent on your schedule and projects can last for the length of your stay abroad or perhaps for only a fraction of that time. Because MCAS is a dedicated community as well as international organization, we are willing, able and encourage our students to take up some local work, as this is also beneficial to their studies – to provide an arena for the deployment and honing of communication skills they are currently learning in the classroom. If you wish to partake in any of our volunteer or intern programs, please contact us or send us the application on line specifying exactly where you would like to get involved and what are your goals, allowing us to arrange the proper internship for you.

Volunteer in Rabat

The Moroccan Center for Arabic Studies is an active community organization throughout the Medina and greater Rabat-Sale area. A city of 2 million, there are always places for volunteer activities, for students wishing to donate their time and effort to improving the city as well as their Arabic. Unlike our internship program, volunteers are generally put to work where they are needed.

Volunteering options include working with local orphans, while assisting the staff of the orphanage and spending time with the children, as well as working in schools within the Medina, given the chance to teach English and serve as a role model to local students. In addition, many after school and extra curricular activities can serve as placements for volunteers, serving as ways to reinforce positive experiences for the students of the Medina. Volunteering is relatively hassle free and designed to be a fun, rewarding experience for the volunteer while also allowing them the largest arena in which they can give to the community through their efforts.

Furthermore, volunteering allows our members to connect with a larger range of individuals within the community, professionals and students alike. Working with local residents of Rabat will offer the students / volunteers a greater view into life in Morocco and Moroccans. We aim to make this stress free interaction a vital point of the immersion process, also allowing our students the chance to excel in their Arabic as they interact with it in new and creative ways.

Volunteering activities won’t run more than 4-5 hours per day, 5 days a week, for the most dedicated volunteers. Those students wishing to blend volunteering with their Arabic studies generally can have 2 hours of volunteering in a single day, with select days off to focus on their Arabic studies.

MCAS is a community center in the Medina of Rabat. We are a study center for local and foreign students. In our efforts to assist both the local community as well as foreign students, we seek out volunteering positions around the neighborhood…

Issue Areas Include

  • Disability
  • Education


  • Avenye Allal Ben Abdellah, Rabat, RBA 6200, Morocco

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