Young Professionals Chronic Disease Network

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About Us

Our mission is to build a cohesive, diverse and young global community who will drive policy, research, and social change for a healthy and equitable/future. Our mission is accomplished through action targeting the social injustice levied by non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

We are achieving our mission by harnessing the talents and energies of the next generation of health leaders to collaborate with established stakeholders in the field. Today, our networks and initiatives include more than 2000 members spanning more than 85 countries, with local groups meeting in almost 30 cities. At its core, YP is a global community of emerging leaders, promoting research, policy, advocacy and capacity building to tackle NCDs. We believe that NCDs are fundamental matters for social and economic justice.

NCDs present a significant challenge for the global health community. Yet prior to 2009, no platform existed that unified young professionals to take action on NCDs at the global level and no central catalyst for the emergence of new leaders with new ideas, technical credentials and the passion to confront the challenge. Recognizing this, YP was born to connect emerging leaders across countries and disciplines, providing a novel platform to amplify the voice of this growing demographic.