We Are One 365

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About Us

Who: We are a growing number of young men and women who want to show our gratitude for the sacrifice made by the men and women in the United States military and their families.

What: We Are One 365 is a non-profit organization that has two main objectives:

1. To raise awareness of the sacrifice made by our military and their families.

2. To provide financial support to active duty military families.

How: We plan to raise awareness by asking Americans to make the We Are One 365 Pledge to wear our shirts and other products one day a week during one of their workouts or runs. We hope that this act of wearing our fitness apparel will accomplish two things: (1.) When the individual puts on our shirt, he/she will think about the reason why this shirt is worn, and reminds them of the sacrifice made by our military and will devote that hour of in honor of our soldiers; (2.) That same individual will represent the We Are One 365 cause in his/her community on the run, in the gym, on the bike and will spread the word about our cause and hopefully attract more people to make our pledge.

The financial support to active duty military families will stem from our clothing sales. Each article of clothing we sell, we will donate all proceeds to an active duty military family in need. We plan to contact community outreach commanders in the major metropolitan areas, to help identify these families. We hope to help with the little things for example $50 dollars for a Thanksgiving dinner, $100 for a nice dinner, or $500 for their children’s school books.

Why Running: We ask people who have made our pledge to run, walk, bike, lift weights, or go to the gym for one basic purpose: to remind ourselves and others of the sacrifice made by our men and women in uniform.

The act of exercising is not easy. Exercise entails sacrifice: we wake up at 5 A.M. before work; we go on a bike ride at 8:00 P.M. when we are exhausted from a long day; we spend our lunch break in the gym.

In making the We Are One 365 Pledge, it is our hope that the small sacrifice made while exercising will serve as a reminder of the monumental sacrifice made by the members of our military 365 days a year.