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About Us

Project s.m.ART, Inc. (a.k.a. Sustainability for Multidisciplinary ARTists) is a brand new arts services and economic development nonprofit organization. We focus our ideas on the sustainable development of artists and creators of all media and promote and advocate for the unprecedented and historic value of the artistic and creative processes. Brilliance embodies exceptional creativity and unprecedented insight.Sustainability is the capacity to endure.The brilliant creativity of the artists ensures long-term sustainability of the arts and culture.

The mission of the organization is to empower the value of the arts and the creative brilliance and sustainable development of artists of all media. The vision of the organization stands from two interdependent core beliefs: Art has immeasurable and historic value. The creative process undertaken by artists of all media preserves cultural norms, traditions and identify. It breaks down stereotypes and cultural barriers. It transcends language and diversity.Artistic value contributed by the individual artists is empowering. The artist's creative contributions can serve as an opportunity for professional growth. The professional growth of artists can enhance their self-sufficiency and independence, financial and economic development.