Romanian Association of the Blind - Brasov Branch

About Us

Established on April 1st, 1961 as a branch of the Romanian Association of the Blind, the Brasov Association of the Blind is a non-governmental organization of public utility, with social-cultural, educational, sportive and humanitarian profile, based mainly on volunteering. Its work is carried out with the support of local and central authorities.

Always promoting the principles of total freedom and democracy, the Brasov Association of the Blind acts for the integration of visually impaired people in the economic, social-professional, cultural-artistic and sportive life of the county.

Any member can be elected in the association’s governing bodies and functions, both at branch and national level. All members have the right to vote at these elections. This way the members can have direct influence on the representatives' actions and policies which determine their own fate. This is the country's only organization of its kind, an organization with over 81,000 members, managed by blind people for blind people.