St.Gabriels and St Peters



About Us

Thousands of children feel disconnected from political institutions and lack trust in their governments.Especially here where the under-priviledged class have no say with regard to governmental issues, Like wise the prisoners. This is the state of traumatised children's in the St.Gabriels and St Peters home of the needy.This is a situation where we want to creat a better future for humanity by allowing these traumatised childern have a well sound education and the prisoners know their Lord God and to have faith in Him (God)even now that they are in the Prisons,which will go a long way in rehabilitating their future.Thus having been enlightened via school and participating in some movements, these children will take advantage of a space on their own where they can fight for their right in the civil society. We are operating a non-formal school system in some towns which will play a central role in meeting the educational needs of disadvantaged primary school age children living within the comfins of our environment and having prayer meetings and crusades in the prisons.

AIM/OBJECTIVE Our aim is not just to ensure the academic success of these children and the repentance of the prisoners ,but rather to facilitate the child to develop into a well rounded,balanced,dynamic,gentle and caring memeber of the community and the prisiner know that nomatter the condition h or she happens to see his or her self that God still love him/her and God is willing to forgive him/her when he repents. Futhermore innovative courses are taught to instil a sence of morality,individuality,assertivenessand problem solving.We have introduced value Education course as well .Which presents real life problems and encourages students to come up with workable solutions. Finally since we are a non-profit and non-governmental organization -we solicitate for your benevolence so as to help us achieve these ambition of ours.Namely training the little motherless, Preaching in the Prisons and abject poor childrens in Education-who are leaders of tomorrow. The only good foundation we can give to these kids is SOUND EDUCATION. For which we are sure will help form a well balanced ,rounded,moral,disciplined and intelligent children's of our modern world.