New England Community Services, Inc.

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About Us

New England Community Services (NECS) was established in 2007 with the vision of providing counseling, advocacy, modeling, monitoring and other supports so that inner-city youth could be afforded the opportunity to have the best tools to become a successful and permanent member of their family and community.

NECS believes that a healthy mind, body and spirit combined with education and opportunity leads to a positive future.

We match clients with NECS Youth Life Coaches to help guide them to success. To achieve success, NECS incorporates team concepts where service and treatment plans are developed into a "Game/Life Plan." Clients are treated like team members where everyone works together to win. By keeping concepts simple and addressing goals through mini steps, clients see success as attainable. The services and activities included in the Youth Life Coaching Program are tailored to fit the specific needs of each client.

NECS is flexible and operates greatly based upon the needs of the clients and families, however, as a general practice; we expect to have 2-4 face-to-face contacts per week, as well as daily phone contact. NECS is always available during evenings, weekends and holidays to make contact, or participate in special events. In accordance with DCF service duration expectations, NECS is prepared to work with clients and families over a three month period. We do understand and anticipate that some cases may require extended services. NECS is flexible in the length of time we provide services for our clients.