Room to Grow Boston

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142 Berkeley Street
United States

About Us

Room to Grow's vision is that one day all parents will have the resources they need to unlock their families’ potential and become champions for babies and their community. We offer structured coaching, material goods, and community connections to support parents as they activate their natural strengths and expand their knowledge, so children thrive from the start.

Room to Grow’s innovative program takes a two-generation, preventative, and strengths-based approach to providing comprehensive services for low-income families in Boston and New York City. Over the course of the first three years of their child’s development, families visit Room to Grow every three months to meet with their clinician. Visits include one-on-one parent coaching and guidance, connections to community resources, and material goods (e.g. books, toys, clothing, baby equipment) that in combination help to actualize their parenting potential and focus on their aspirations for both the short- and long-term. Through our individualized and holistic preventative approach, Room to Grow aims to help parents build enriching home environments to increase the probability that their children will later enter school ready to learn and continue on to meet their full potential in education, health, work, and citizenship.