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About Us

Our mission is to support the establishment and development of foreign NGOs aimed at achieving equality of education, health, and economic opportunity for all its citizens, and to promote cross-cultural exchange and understanding through volunteerism, education, and counseling.

We strongly believe in two key values that give us our identity as an organization and shape our actions:

  • The first is the motto ‘by locals, for locals’, which means that innovative and sustainable solutions to problems facing communities all over the world are best developed by members of that community. That is why, rather than trying to solve the problems of these communities, we wish to seek out motivated, intelligent locals who have the passion and the vision to bring about real change in their community and partner with them to help them achieve their goals.
  • The second is that cross-cultural exchange leads to understanding, and that understanding between peoples of different backgrounds and cultures is what will bring us together as a global community and make the world a more peaceful place to live. There is no denying that if you let people work and live side-by-side long enough, no matter their backgrounds, they will forget about what makes them different, and begin to see what makes them the same.