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About Us

Kids on Bikes was established as a nonprofit organization in 2005 with a mission to give new bikes to children through programs that inspire a healthy lifestyle, independence, and achievement. Recall your first bike and the freedom and confidence that it gave you. Our goal is that these bikes will provide that opportunity and be a motivating force for children to succeed. We seek to enable under-served children to experience the benefits, in freedom, self-confidence, and healthy lifestyle, of owning their first bicycle. Founded by Paige Carmichael and supported by a dedicated board comprised of community leaders, Kids on Bikes designed two powerful programs, ABCs and P.E.D.A.L., to reach deserving children in need of bikes.

The ABCs program (Academics, Behavior, and Character development) is the cornerstone community service of Kids on Bikes. This unique program, the only of its type in our community, is offered to schools in high-risk areas. Working closely with the schools, teachers, and students, we jointly develop personal goals suited to each child, with the child helping to establish the benchmarks in each of the three areas. The students and teachers monitor progress toward these goals throughout the school year. The reward for successfully reaching their goals is a new bike, helmet, and lock, all provided free of charge. The bike will provide each child the opportunity to enjoy the freedom of independence and the self confidence to reach ever higher levels. Further, motivated by the feeling of success by having earned their own bikes, these children realize the positive impact of setting and achieving their goals.

Through P.E.D.A.L. (Promoting Empowerment, Determination and an Active Lifestyle), Kids on Bikes engages in a wide variety of activities designed to deliver bicycles to boys and girls with the goal of enhancing self-confidence, stimulating positive behavior, or simply providing a means of transportation. We partner closely with many other regional children’s advocacy organizations, including CASA, TESSA, the Boys and Girls Club, Hope and Home, the Police Athletic League, and the El Paso and Pueblo Department of Social Services to identify children who would benefit from receiving a bike. Many of our bike recipients are amazing, resilient foster children who often leave their homes with no more than a small trash bag filled with their clothes. The pride, self esteem and opportunity for freedom return to these children when they receive their new bikes. This is the driving force behind P.E.D.A.L.

To date, Kids on Bikes has given over 700 brand new bikes, helmets, and locks to children in the Pikes Peak Region. Kids on Bikes will continue to seize every opportunity to build new and innovative partnerships with public and private organizations to provide the resources to match children in need. For more information, visit