Mercer Island Youth and Family Services - VOICE Program

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Mercer Island
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About Us

The VOICE (Volunteer Outreach in Communities Everywhere) Program provides structured group community service opportunities to Mercer Island high-school age youth. Volunteers work on projects with over 50 community organizations. The program provides the opportunity to work with diverse populations such as children, immigrants and refugees, people living with terminal illnesses and disabilities, and the homeless. Volunteers also participate in environmental projects and community events. All volunteers commit to serving on at least 8 projects throughout the 8 week program.

VOICE is unique in several ways. The purpose of the program is to raise social awareness, and this is accomplished through various means. Through a combination of hands on community service, art, and media the program promotes awareness about social justice issues confronting diverse populations both locally and globally.

Group volunteer projects are intensely scheduled throughout an 8-week period and offer the choice and scheduling flexibility not available in other programs. All groups are led and supervised by college-age young adults who have a personal commitment to community service and youth development.

VOICE participants generally continue their service throughout the school year and beyond high school, as they come to understand the importance of social awareness. Through working with diverse populations, youth build a solid foundation of experiences and skills which are useful in all areas of life