Toronto Centre of Gravity Buddhist Association

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About Us

Centre of Gravity is a community of Buddhist practitioners and teachers integrating committed formal practice and modern life. We offer a highly accessible practice of Buddhist meditation, study, chanting and yoga practices. Using mindfulness practices, retreats and group study, we offer practical ways for people to integrate personal development with engagement in the world.

Our aim is to foster a community where people can actively learn what it means to commit to Buddhist practices that reduce reactivity and transform old habits, while at the same time cultivating a life that is more creative, altruistic and engaged.

We are registered as a charitable organization. We rely primarily on volunteers to make our programs available. Our weekly classes and talks are offered by donation, as well as our on-line videos, study guides and audio talks. Even when our programs have small fees to cover overhead, nobody is turned away for lack of funds. There is room in every course for people with limited or no income.