The Center for Dynamic Learning

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About Us

At the Center for Dynamic Learning, we envision a community where creative, engaging, and innovative learning nurtures the life skills necessary for individuals to succeed in an evolving world.

CDL promotes inquiry based learning through hands-on, student centered, interdisciplinary STEAMM curriculum. By targeting the entirety of the STEAMM acronym, science, technology, engineering, arts, math, and manufacturing, CDL places itself at the forefront of  the ever evolving description of a successful 21st century adult - making sure to impart essential social competencies as well as college and career ready content knowledge. CDL is not a one time learning experience. All programming is inquiry based and challenges youth to follow their own inquiries to relevant learning experiences. Our award winning programs are offered statewide, to youth ranging in age from K-12. All STEAMM curriculum incorporate nationally recognized standards, including the Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards. We make it our mission to meet, or exceeds, state and national standards in all programming.

The Center for Dynamic Learning is a 501C(3) Non-Profit education organization.