Kinder in Kenya (International Happy Life Educational Center Kikambala)

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About Us

Verein Kinder in Kenia was founded by Mama Massai in 1995. It is registered as a non-profit community-based organization in Basel City, Switzerland. The purpose for establishing the organization is to help improve the nutrition- and health-status of the population of Kikambala, Kilifi District in Kenia.

As a response to the poverty-related challenges that people of Kikambala face, the organization’s vision were currently concentrates to provide “HELP for SELF-HELP”. (Der neue Weg Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe). It aims to serve the basic needs of Kikambala community in Kilifi District but more importantly provide opportunities in acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills that will empower the inhabitants to tackle the root causes of their problems.

Kinder in Kenia has successfully supported the development of the community in Kikambala through its projects including the construction of a water system where the inhabitants can access potable water, as well as setting up technical and vocational courses such as languages, computer/IT, tailoring, metalworking, languages and sports. Its agricultural project does not only help teach the younger generation varied techniques in farming but it also helps to encourage the local production of agricultural products and helps increase food supply for the community.

Through its works, Kinder in Kenia hopes to be a valuable symbol of brotherly love and genuine humane spirit, an emblem of a true “helping hand”.