United States

About Us

ArtHome ( was founded in 2006 to help artists build assets and equity through financial literacy, homeownership, self-sufficiency and the responsible use of credit.

We believe that cultural vitality and economic stability are key components of thriving communities. By partnering with key community organizations and stakeholders, ArtHome is committed to strengthening the cultural vitality indigenous to our neighborhoods and growing the resources, not just of artists, but also of our peer community development organizations, our neighborhoods and our neighbors.

Methodology of Change:

ArtHome identifies existing asset building programs that have good data, scalable practice and successful asset building paradigms, but that do not currently serve artists. ArtHome then works with lead stakeholders in these systems to help them build their organizational and financial capacity to serve culture workers. Examples include: peer lending systems, match grant savings programs, and homebuyer training programs.

These programs are then scaled to other communities--creating a widespread multifaceted support network for artists.