Vallejo People's Garden

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1055 Azuar Drive
United States

About Us

The Vallejo People's Garden is a collaboration of many different individual volunteers and partner organizations in Vallejo. All of these volunteers and supporters came together to build and maintain a beautiful and productive garden for the people of Vallejo. The Garden's main purposes are these:

  • Promote health and wellness in our Vallejo community
  • Grow organic fruits and vegetables for those who are most in need
  • Improve our environment by taking care of water, soil, and wildlife
  • Create educational opportunities for children and adults
  • Encourage social and cultural connections across neighborhoods

Though we have only been here for 2 1/2 years, we have grown and distributed nearly 5,000 lbs of fresh organic produce to those in need thanks to thousands of hours in volunteer time.

People's Gardens educate children and adults about the environment, agriculture, sustainable practices, and science. They help create the next generation of farmers, gardeners, teachers, leaders, and active community members. Gardens expand the ability of citizens from all cultural, ethnic, and geographic backgrounds to share their traditions and beliefs. They are a neutral gathering place that fosters interaction. Gardens beautify communities and cultivate self-sufficiency. In World War II, Victory Gardens produced 40% of the fresh fruits and vegetables in the United States. Gardens provide therapy for the soul and healing for the spirit.