Blueprint Summit

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New York
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About Us

Blueprint Summit (BPS) is a community of current and future leaders in philanthropy. We host roundtables with individuals whom have had a substantial positive impact in both their careers and philanthropic endeavors. These roundtables are designed to inspire, to educate and to provoke critical thinking on the topic of philanthropy.

Our mission is to provide the platform, community, inspiration and requisite resources for the next generation of philanthropreneurs to learn how to best evaluate and impact social change and channel their philanthropic and social interests.

Our members are a selected community of 30-45 year old professionals eager to engage in a dialogue about philanthropy and learn how they can make a difference now and down the road. Members come from a variety of backgrounds and bring a diversity of ideas, interests and skills to the BPS community.

Among others, we’ve been joined by Brian Moynihan (CEO, Bank of America), Katherine Farley (Senior Managing Director, Tishman Speyer and Chair, Lincoln Center), Kenny Dichter (Founder, Marquis Jet), Doug Ulman (CEO, Livestrong), Dr. Harvey Schiller (Former Executive Director, NCAA & USOC), Dikembe Mutumbo (NBA Legend and Global Humanitarian), Debi Brooks (Co-Founder, Michael J Fox Foundation) and Dana Cowin (Editor-in-Chief, Food & Wine).