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About Us

Who We Are: """"""""""""""" We are a civic organization that promotes human development through collective actions that seek to strengthen civil society in Colombia in the face of drug-fuelled violence that has plagued the country for several decades. This initiative was born out of the grassroots network of people who organized the worldwide rally against narcoterrorism on February 4, 2008, in which millions of Colombians and other people from around the globe mobilized in 181 different cities in an unprecedented march against the violence and kidnapping perpetrated by the most powerful terrorist group in Latin America: the FARC.

Our Mission: """""""""""""" To help build a Colombia without illegal armed groups and to promote and execute educational and social projects that: (a) educate Colombians and citizens of the world about the negative impact of guerrillas and other illegal armed groups in Colombia; (b) stimulate social and economic development in areas of Colombia that have been affected by guerrilla violence; (c) support, promote and direct projects to prevent violence and rehabilitate people affected by violence; and (d) strengthen laws and public policy to build a Colombia free of guerrillas and other illegal armed groups.

We believe all Colombians have a fundamental right to live in a peaceful and just society free of drug-fuelled violence, free of kidnappings and free of the illegal armed groups.