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About Us

There are thousands of widows and orphans in the slums of Nakuru town as a result of HIV/AIDS and the post election violence. they live in adverse poverty, lacking even the very basic needs. We therefore saw the need to start a project that would cater for them. The project was started by a number of 6 people in Kaptembwa slums of Nakuru. A school was started to cater for the needs of the orphans who cannot afford education. After running it for two years, thieves broke into the compound and stole everything from the project including swings, slides, furniture & utensils just to mention a few. It was then that we saw the need to move the project from a slum area to an ideal area with good security.

Our Mission

The project has a school known as Adon Academy. It gives free education to desperate orphans aged between 3 and 10 years. We all know that primary education in Kenya is free. But children have to go to nursery school first and get a get a foundation for primary education. There is no free nursery education in Kenya and infact education nursery children is very expensive. Therefore orphans cannot afford to get nursery school education, which in turn disqualifies them from enrolling in for primary schools despite education being free. Therefore Adon is giving free pre-school education to desperate orphans in order to enable them get qualified to enroll in primary schools. Most of these kids in the slums live with very poor guardians who cannot afford to take them to school. Apart from free pre-school education, Adon caters for the needs of these kids all round i.e. emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. We have a feeding program where the children are provided for with meals at 10:00 am, lunch and 4:00 pm. This is because most of them go without meals for days in their homes because of poverty. We also provide them with both school uniforms, home clothes and stationery for their effective learning. The school has also employed a qualified pre-school teacher to ensure the kids get proper education.

Our Vision.

The Adon projects vision is to raise responsible independent adults from these orphans who will live better lives in future and also be able to give back to the society. We are hopeful to get enough support to enable buy purchase land and build a permanent school and a children home big enough to cater for more desperate children where they will get both a home and a school. This will enable them to get a bright future and become independent , responsible and in future be in a position to reach out to the desperate cases in the society and change their lives too. Posted by Adon Community Project at 12:39