Mhina Tumaini Foundation

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Silver Spring
United States

About Us

Mhina Tumaini Foundation is an international 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to improving the health and increasing the access to educational opportunities of at-risk young adults through the provision of health and educational services.

Founded in 2010, Mhina Tumaini Foundation is an independent front line organization serving the health and education needs of at-risk young adults between the ages of 13-24 in the United States and around the world. We aim to decrease the at-risk conditions that hinder young adults to reach their full potential. These conditions are "thought to be characteristics of the individual, or situations of the context they are a part of, that are believed to create higher likelihoods of undesirable life outcomes, or to impact overall quality of life" (US Census Bureau).

We work with other organizations, governments, nonprofits and various local partners to ensure all programs and activities bring about change while maintaining our independence and without political agenda and religious orientation.