Soul Pop U, Inc.

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11 Waverly Place
New York
United States

About Us

It is Soul Pop U's mission to connect emerging artists in the entertainment business with middle and high school students in local communities. The way we accomplish this goal is by sponsoring emerging artists, sending them into local middle and high schools where they introduce young people not only to the entertainment industry, but also to what it means to "go for the gold". Our artists present school assemblies and community presentations which combine performance, fireside style Q&A, arts education, and motivational speaking to inspire students to reach their full potential. What makes Soul Pop U so unique and successful to date is that we maintain mission-based relationships with artists. It is their back-stories, often their non-musical histories and accomplishments, that we find interesting, and the fresh musical perspectives they bring are the hook for both educators and students. We look to them to be role models first.