Clementine Refugee Scholarship Fund

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About Us

The Clementine Refugee Scholarship Fund (CRSF) provides financial support to first generation war refugees living in the United States to attend a college or university of their choice. Refugees in the United States face various challenges. while coming to the United States is a dream come true for most refugees, it is often extremely difficult to assimilate in the society and to rebuild their shattered lives for brighter futures for themselves and their families. Refugees often have to work two to three low paying jobs to support their families here in the United States and those left behind in their countries. This makes it very difficult for these refugees to pay for their college education or to even get the education at all because of financial constrains. Limited financial aid is available to these refugees because of their immigration status.

It is important for the world community to remember that refugees are strong people who have overcome tremendous challenges in order to survive and should lend a helping hand to lead them through their new lives. With your help, CRSF seeks to reduce the burden these refugees have so that they can get financial assistance to attend college, get higher paying jobs, support their families here and overseas and be able to rebuild their lives.