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About Us

About INA Illinois Nurses Association (INA) has served as the organization for nursing in Illinois from its founding in 1901, to the present. INA continually strives to preserve the identity, integrity, and core values of the profession of nursing.

INA is the only full service professional organization representing Illinois' 167,000+ registered nurses. INA advances the nursing profession by fostering high standards of nursing practice, protects the economic and general welfare of nurses in the workplace through collective bargaining, and projects a positive and realistic view of nursing to the community. In addition, INA advocates for health care issues affecting nurses and the public through lobbying the Illinois Legislature and regulatory agencies.

INA represents registered nurses (RN) in more than 50 facilities throughout the State of Illinois. The RNs that are members of INA are representative of all areas of nursing from clinical staff nurses to nurse administrators, from nurse educators to advanced practice nurses (APN). Through participation in their professional association, INA members are the voice that makes a difference for the profession.

INA's Purpose, Values, Vision, and Goals

Core Purpose The purpose of the Illinois Nurses Association (INA), the organization of registered professional nurses, is to:

  • Improve health standards and influence the delivery of quality health care services for all people,
  • Foster high standards for nursing practice,
  • Stimulate and promote the professional development of nurses and advance their economic and general welfare.
  • Empower nurses and influence health policy through political action.

Core Values

Integrity: the basis for mutual valuing and respect in every activity and relationship.

Visionary Leadership: in health care policy and nursing practice.

Advocacy: passionate caring for patients, health care consumers, members and the profession.

Excellence: delivery of the highest quality service, information and products.

Diversity: our strength to be open to new ideas and needed change.

INA Vision The Illinois Nurses Association will be the undisputed leader in addressing health care issues and envisioning the future of the profession and the organization.