Crime Victim Services

  • Ohio

About Us

Crime Victim Services (CVS) is a United Way based victim support program. CVS began in 1981 in Allen County as the second Victim Offender Mediation Program in the U.S., expanding to comprehensive victim services in 1985. The Putnam County office began in 1990, and is Ohio's only county with all victim services at one facility. The Family Justice Center for domestic violence victims in Putnam County opened in 2007.

Mission Statement

Crime Victim Services' (CVS) mission is to help victims prevail over the trauma of their victimization by assisting and advocating for safety, healing, justice, and restitution.

Since 1981, CVS has recognized that crime is not just breaking the law, but people are broken. CVS advocates for each victims' interest:

  1. to have safety information and advocacy with offender release information, sex offender registration, protection orders, emergency shelter, transitional housing, separate waiting areas at court, emergency cell phones, etc.
  2. to have emotionally healing assistance such as crisis counseling, spiritual ministry, support groups, victim offender dialogue, 24-hour crisis line, employer and creditor intervention, accompaniment to court and interviews, advocacy for social services, etc.
  3. to participate in the justice process by attending hearings, providing input, and receiving case information; and
  4. to receive money from offender restitution, from Ohio’s Victim Compensation Program, and from CVS emergency assistance.

Services are free, and CVS is a United Way program of Greater Lima and Putnam County,Ohio.

Target Population

  1. Domestic violence victims in Putnam County and victims of sexual assault in Allen and PutnamCounties, (toll-free 1-87-STOP-RAPE) and;
  2. Victims in Allen & Putnam Counties of all prosecuted felony, misdemeanor, and juvenile crimes, and victims who report a violent crime to law enforcement. CVS assists victims regardless whether the crime is reported or the offender is on probation, parole, or in jail.
  3. Responsible for developing and operating Rape Crisis services in 9 counties.
  4. Responsible for developing and operating Human Trafficking services in 16 counties.  

Victims assisted include such crimes as: homicide, drunk driving, personal and business robbery, rape, domestic violence, home burglary, assault, stalking, arson, shooting, theft and fraud, vandalism, and juvenile sexual and physical assaults. About 4,000 victims are helped every year.