Trade-Works Foundation

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About Us

The Trade-Works Foundation utilizes the global skills/trade industry to share God's love, inspire hope, and create opportunity for under-resourced individuals.

Trade-Works Foundation is a non-profit organization built upon the principle of finding and unlocking untapped potential amongst under resourced individuals. We do this on a global scale, expanding upon the abilities of already skilled persons and sparking new interests to individuals entering the trade industry. Our commitment is to speak purpose to those in need, inspiring vision past their current circumstances. This in return will aid in the advancement of their chosen trade utilizing interests and gifts to create a sustainable business.

Using the trade industry, we will promote self-sustainability through working with various experts in their field of interest by holding short-term workshops, distributing recognized certificates, and supplying each student with the necessary tools to begin their career. Our goal is to create a thriving market place via Trade-Works as an educational resource and potential outlet to produce services and help sell goods.