Alaska Museum of Science and Nature

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201 North Bragaw Street
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About Us

The Alaska Museum of Science and Nature is dedicated to the education and exploration of our natural and scientific world. The Museum’s exhibits, education programs and collections help bridge the gap between scientists and anyone curious about our natural world. We educate and inspire all Alaskans in the areas of paleontology, geology, archeology, physics and more through exhibits and hands on learning. We serve minority and at-risk children in primary and secondary schools throughout Alaska including the Alaskan bush communities, with applied hands-on science. We collect, conserve, research and interpret natural history materials and data and serve as a resource to the Alaskan community.

The Museum's educational programs and events, including Science Nights, Alaskan Dinosaurs, Geology, Ice Age  Rocks workshops, and many more, are designed to introduce children to the fascinating world of science. We offer an affordable price that allows kids from all areas of Anchorage to enjoy the educational experience of a lifetime. The Museum offers workshops and outreach to area schools through dynamic, interactive, and unique workshops and Science Night activities.