Neighborhood Legal Services Michigan

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455 W. Fort St., Suite 214
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About Us

NLSM's strategic vision is to provide vulnerable individuals and fragile families with essential advocacy, education and supportive housing resources that are necessary for human survival; to protect and strengthen families; to promote self-sufficiency; to empower the poor and marginalized with equality of opportunity; to resolve conflicts with excellence and fairness with motivated and trained staff; and to provide prompt, courteous and compassionate service to all stakeholders.

NLSM provides the following services in the four office locations indicated:

1. Housing Advocacy Services - 455 W. Fort St., Suite 214, Detroit MI 48226 Tel: 313-964-1975 Fax: 313-963-2584

2. Permanent Housing for the Disabled - 1110 Southfield Rd., Lincoln Park, MI 48146 Tel: 313-357-2658 Fax: 313-357-2678

3. Elder Advocacy - 12121 Hemingway, Redford, MI 48230 Tel: 313-937-8291 Fax: 313-937-8893

4. Disability Advocacy, Crime Victim Advocacy, HIV/AIDS Victim Advocacy, Children's Justice and Education - 440 E. Congress St. Suite 350, Detroit, MI 48226 Tel: 313-874-5820 Fax: 313-874-5497